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New Year's Resolution to Share the Gift of Flowers

Most people set their New Year's resolutions with themselves in mind. Okay, that might make sense since they are their resolutions. The point, however, is that most people's promises to improve in the new year are of a personal nature. They want to lose weight, quit smoking, spend more time with the family things that benefit them directly.

But have you ever thought about making a resolution that directly benefits someone else? An act so common, so unselfish you'll be surprised by its simplicity? "Like what?" you ask. Like sending flowers to someone in a nursing home.

Seniors who live in nursing homes do so mostly because they have no one else to care for them, or because they have medical concerns that need constant observation. Once they move in, usually so does some form of depression.

Think about it. They've lost their ability to live on their own, they may have lost loved ones, they may have no family members to help them, and they probably have some kind of physical problem. They feel isolated and alone, their quality of life has diminished, and their medications' side effects can drag them down even further.

According to a 2005 study by Rutgers University, people who receive flowers showed a marked improvement in many areas of their lives. Per the report, which was based on 100 seniors at the average age of 73 "after receiving flowers 81% experienced reduced levels of depression, 40% expanded their social contacts beyond their normal social circles, and 72% scored much higher on memory tests than seniors who didn't receive flowers." On the other hand, the report continues, "The no-flowers groups became irritated and wanted the study to be over" The results showed men were almost equally responsive as the women.

In the Lewisville/ Carrollton area, know that you have the services of Floral Adventures at your disposal. Floral Adventures knows the smiles and warmth flowers bring to their customers because they're in the business of making people smile all the time. This family-owned florist, located at 604 S. Lake Dallas Drive, delivers to the Lake Village Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, the Lake Forest Good Samaritan Village, Rambling Oaks Courtyard, Cross Timbers Care Center, Flower Mound Assisted Living Autumn Care Home, and the Aspen Living Center, among others.

Studies suggest cut flowers are the best choice for cheering people up, and Floral Adventures has a multitude of arrangements to choose from. Select from any one of their Thinking of You vases, or perhaps their Everyday selections. Regardless of which you choose or you can even have a custom arrangement made-know you can count on Floral Adventures to not only provide beautiful, fresh and long-lasting flowers, but also you can count on them to care. It shows in their work. Plus, they deliver to Corinth, Shady Shores, Lake Dallas, Hickory Creek, Little Elm, Oak Point, Highland Village, and parts of Denton and Lewisville.

So expand your New Year's resolutions to include someone else. Send a floral arrangement to someone in a nursing home. Know that you'll have lifted their spirits, and be assured your spirits will rise, too!

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